Not just for backpacking...

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Not just for backpacking...

Post by Troutgetter »

This is from a friend.
The husband and wife work out of their basement in MT. They are friends of the friend...sheesh...sorry.
This is a needed item for a lot of us even if just behind the seat of your pick-up. Possibly the most comprehensive little kit I have seen.
Hell...around here you can get into some serious trouble going for a walk or a drive to town.
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Post by zenflyfisher »

Hell I thought it was going to be a short barreled, pistol gripped 12 guage.
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Post by SnooKen »

Or a .410 gauge over/under derringer.....that would work for me.

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The rods you guys are making today would cause Hiram, Edwards and the Paynes as well as Fred Devine to crap their pants then giggle like boys peeking into the girls' locker room as they strung them up and laid out the first casts.
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med kit

Post by mems »

Mike, that is a pretty pricey med kit. Just get a $15 one from walmart and don't let the hook go past the barb and you should be ok in most instances. Mems.
Don Memmer
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