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3 of 7 (or 10 or so)

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ratonero de bambú

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:49 am    Post subject: 3 of 7 (or 10 or so) Reply with quote

The third reel I swore I would never sell of about ten or so reels.

Is this some obscure reference to Star Trek:TNG? maybe.

"The Ousel"
3"X 3/4" spool diameter reel.
Marked as sold by "S. Alcock & OE LTD
Redditch Eng"
I looked for 8 or so years for a Ousel. Never found one when I had the cash in hand.
This reel was a gift from a brother. As such I swore I would never sell it and I am. The lesson here?...never trust any oath I take.
Still...A hard to find reel in any condition. This reel does have it's flaws. They never concerned me but they might you so read carefully and look at all the pics. If you wish other pics of something in particular, just ask.

FS...An Alcock sold JW YOUNG reel. The Ousel.
The description is as accurate as I can do. Particulars, just ask.

The reel foot has been filed to fit modern reel seats. An absolutely FINE reel seat can be purchased from One-Pfoot. You will also add forty bucks or so to your purchase so it's up to you.
In order to know exactly what foot you need to order you'll need to follow their instructions.

This is (IMHO) a prewar Young. One of his best examples of a caliper, non-adjustable drag, reel. Just a beauty Trout reel.
It's size is appropriate for a DT4 or less modern (plastic) line.
At 3", when this reel was made it would easily hold a 5DT silk maybe a 6 but no promises ya know? It's a small light reel.
The reel has a definate preference for right hand wind. Good news to all youse who learned to adapt, to youse udders know...
I would rate this finish as an 85-90% original leaded finish. Reel has (obviously) been fished but NO real defects (again MHO) in finish. Just honest wear, normal fishing knocks. It's not perfect, it's not (by any means) a new reel. It is what it is. A reel I looked a long damn time for.'s some pics...sorry for those of you on dial up. It can't be helped...

Front (note classic, wildly crazed, bubblegum handle tinted green due to the brass screw and arbor, beauty);


Guts freshly lubed (And freshly loved) with HotShot gun lube...about the best again in MHO, shot glass shown for scale;

A little closer look;

Sorry for the shitty pic but it was the best I could do with what's at hand, The engraving on the face;

The filed foot;

To those of you on dial-up...please forgive the rambling before I get to the pics. I'm attached to this reel. I loves it and it ain't easy to put up for sale.
Those of youse who fish the grass...a mighty damn fine classic reel to hang off that rod.
Hunger forces sale. No, really...
95 bucks plus approx 5 bucks shipped to the US...those of you in Canada, let me know when the strike ends? I'll give you a price then.
95 too much? Make me what you consider to be a reasonable offer.
I'm not retiring on this sale. It's freaking food money.

Luv's to you all...

PS edit thing...I just realised I didn't show the pawl.
While I assure you it's in good usuable condition, if you would like a pic, just ask.
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